Dino's Grill House


We only serve prime cuts of the Finest Devon Meats; all the steaks are served with onion rings, chips and tomatoes.

8oz Sirloin Steak £ 8.99   Sauces £1.50 Sides orders £1.50
8oz Rump Steak £7.99   Pepper sauce Peas
8oz Fillet Steak £ 9.99   Stilton Sauce Mushrooms
10oz Gammon Steak £ 8.99   Chasseur Sauce Beans
Dino’s Mixed Grill £ 11.99   Chef’s Spicy sauce Mash Potatoes
Surf N Turf £ 9.99     Rice
Chicken Grill £ 9.99     House Fries
Vegetable Grill (V) £ 10.99